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Business Analysis

What we do...

Organisations often focus on technology adoption to drive business change, but the impact of that change across the organisation is rarely defined and analysed. This leads to slower implementation of change, high costs of re-work and limited return on investment.

Brightman Business Analysis service can help organisations get it right the first time and enable successful intervention, change planning and implementation.

Our business analysts work at various levels across your organisation, helping to develop corporate strategies, or working further down on specific process problems where improvements are needed.

Our business analysts employ a range of tools and techniques to support organisations in identifying the problem space and preparing solution options.  We subsequently design target operation models, plan intervention approaches, support the resolution of business problems, and then provide the analysis to assure that changes have been effective.

Brightman Analysts work with key stakeholders to understand and capture the needs and ambitions of the organisation to create a clear link between strategy and organisational change. 


We achieve this by capturing business requirements and translating them into new ways of working that detail the changes the organisation will need to make to meet those requirements.

Find out more about the Brightman business analysis approach, our tools and techniques, and what we can do for your organisation.

Brightman analysts will enable organisational change, by defining business needs and recommending solutions that resolve business problems and deliver value.

Gail Evans

Brightman Director

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