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Business Change Coaching & Development

What we do...

 Whilst Brightman can provide services that define, deliver and maintain change initiatives, we also recognise that across organisations there are many individuals that have an aptitude and enthusiasm for change.


These individuals can play a vital role in Organisations developing a central change capability, allowing them to quickly mobilise change initiatives and potential reduce the cost of change.


Brightman has years of change management experience across many private and public sector organisations. We have developed a tried and tested change management approach, and also a variety of change tools and techniques to support and deliver successful change initiatives.

Excellent change management requires an appreciation of the stakeholders that make change happen, and the important roles that they play.



Identifying a change leader can be easy, but that leader needs to understand the importance of his followers. Forget the importance of your followers and you are doomed to difficulty, resistance and potential failure.


Brightman offer organsations the support and guidance to standup and develop their internal Change teams. We help to prepare the Change Leaders, embrace the followers, and perhaps even create a movement!!


Organisations that need Brightman support get access to our people, our knowledge and experience, and also the Brightman change management toolkit.


As change professionals Brightman can help to up-skill organisations in their ability to successfully manage and coordinate change, also helping to identify and support those individuals with influence, drive and enthusiasm for change.

Find out how Brightman can help develop your Change capability.

This short and comical Youtube clip below provides an insight into the value of your followers, and the role of the leader.

Brightman will professionally coach and develop your teams to better understand the complexities of change. We will identify those with a similar passion within your business and transfer our skills and experiences. These new change agents will significantly enhance your organisations capacity for change.

Romy Hughes

Brightman Director

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