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Change & Transformation Management

Driven by customer demand, changing markets and technology innovation, Organisational change is a constant, and yet so many times change initiatives fail to reach their intended outcomes and sometimes even negatively impact the organisation and its people.


The consequences of not managing change effectively can be devastating and long lasting.  It’s important organisations have a sound change management understanding, or utilise professionals that understand the potential issues and are equipped with the appropriate tools and techniques to help support the organisations change-management initiatives.



Brightman Change and Transformation Service, aims to maximise change buy-in and expedite return on investment. We ensure change initiatives are coherently managed from the first idea or aspiration through to implementation and more importantly full adoption into everyday operations. 

The Brightman service consists of 3 core phases:

Define – Definition and buy-in for the change or transformation needed within the organisation

Deliver – Deliver the change or transformation at all levels within the organisation

Maintain – Maintain the change or transformations and make them endure

Throughout these phases Brightman focus on engaging the 3 main groups involved in the change. Senior stakeholders, suppliers, and the customers (the impacted communities).

Brightman positions itself as the vital linkage between these groups, managing and maintain continuous engagement, reinforcing common understanding and agreement, and ensuring that collaboration and communication is ongoing throughout the change. This role cannot be mistaken for Project Management, this is something very different.

Without this linkage, these groups can easily become disconnected.  Organisations will fail to get a solution that meets their vision or needs, and the end users don't see the purpose and benefit of the change seemingly being imposed upon them. This leads to confusion, change resistance, and the potential loss or reduction in senior sponsorship. Ultimately, this creates difficulty maintaining change traction, causes potential commercial issues, and most importantly, any eventual changes don't stick within the organisation or deliver the expected benefits.

Brightman's alignment and positioning maintains coordination and collaboration.  We ensure everyone is getting what they want or expect, they understand the expected activities and their responsibilities in support of the change, and that all parties work together to resolve challenges and ultimately realise the benefits by achieving the desired outcomes.


Through years of experience involved in complex change and transformation programmes, Brightman have designed a set of tools and techniques which support successful change management. These tools help to define the change, deliver the change, and then ensure it endures within the organisation.

Find out more about the Brightman Change Approach.

Brightman will professionally integrate with your teams, take the time to understand your working environment and adapt the way we operate to accommodate to your business pressures. Unlike some of the bigger consultancies, we practice what we preach, we roll up our sleeves and get on with delivery

Romy Hughes

Brightman Director

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