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 The Brightman Holistic Delivery Approach 

At Brightman, we work with our customers to develop strategies and roadmaps that set direction and guide the delivery of change.

Our blueprints are used to describe the impact of change to people, processes, data, the tools and technology, and then develop an appropriate change management approach.


We provide end-to-end change support with our Customer’s, helping them to embrace and promote change, and drive their changes forward.

We specialise in holistic change management, to us “holistic” means not only developing strategy, visions and roadmaps, but actually delivering and embedding the change.

Successful change management comes about by driving top level strategy into understandable and implementable on the ground outcomes. 

The Brightman delivery approach achieves this by firstly assisting with the creation of organisational visions, strategies and roadmaps.  We then conduct benefit realisation mapping to identify delivery work streams and ensure those work streams complement other planned or extant change initiatives. 


Finally, we identify specific delivery outcomes and embed ourselves with incumbent teams to ensure they are delivered and integrated into the organisation’s working culture.

Reach back to the Brightman team

All too often we see associates representing their companies as lone wolves, attempting to deliver outcomes with minimal or no support.


At Brightman, we continuously promote collaborative team working. Even when associates work on different pieces of work for different customers, we always bring new ideas, proposed solutions and new challenges back to the central forum to review, critique and reach into our breadth of knowledge and experience, to guarantee the best service for our customers.

Sponsorship and integration

Brightman will professionally integrate into the customer heirarchy at all levels, to promote sponsorship and ensure buy-in and understanding for all intended change activities.


This visibility at all levels provides customer confidence that we can not only create compelling change and business development strategies, but also implement real change on the front line working side by side with our customers.

We know that sponsorship in any change is vital, which is why we support our customers from the top to the bottom, engaging with all aspects of the change and the impacted communities.

Remove yourself too far from the change, and it is difficult to understand the challenges being felt by the impacted communities. This is why we stand side-by-side with our customers, to experience the challenges first hand and develop  quick and successful solutions before change stalls or fails.

Brightman Quality Centre

Whilst our consultants bring their own unique characters, skills, experiences and knowledge, we have spent the last few years harnessing the experiences across our team to develop a tried and tested set of methodologies and supporting resources that provide the best results for our customers.

Our customers benefit from a proven set of tools and techniques developed during many projects and programmes, critical professional reviews and lessons learned throughout our various engagements and experiences.

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