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Service Transition

What we do...

The pace of technological change, in conjunction with financial drivers, means that many organisations are choosing to buy in and re-define technology services.


This often creates a challenge in transitioning new or re-defined services into business as usual without having a negative impact on productivity. These new services often need to be communicated and marketed to the organisation, and at the same time carefully governed, especially as many services are made up of multiple suppliers (often internal teams and external organisations).

Brightman has extensive experience of Service Integration and Management in organisations ensuring that services are transitioned as smoothly as possible for all concerned.

Brightman understands Service Transition. Our service transition knowledge can help organisations deliver services in the timescales they expect, to the level of assurances the business demands.

Find out how Brightman can help you achieve successful service transition.

Brightman can help organisations develop their Service Transition approach. Refining assurance requisites, managing risk effectively, and streamlining but retaining process integrity. We have seen the common mistakes, we understand the blockers, the challenges and the demands.

In a recent engagement Brightman was asked to oversee the Service Transition process for a large government organisation. This required redesigning the organisations operating models and governance procedures. We managed the service transition demands across the organisation, the transition support community, and the challenges and difficulties placed upon those assurance communities and the Service Transition managers.

Brightman have been assisting a Major Governement Department adapt their legacy IT support processes for a new cloud capability. We have been focused on changing peoples perceptions and ways of working within the department which has been pivotal in helping the project meet its milestones


Gail Evans

Brightman Director

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