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Digital transformation is an exercise in supply chain transformation: white paper

After many years of outsourcing, the public sector is now beholden to third parties for the delivery of its digital transformation goals. In order for the public sector to regain control of its supply chains and deliver the digital transformation that it so desperately needs, it must focus on its supply chains.

In a nutshell, digital transformation of the public sector = supply chain transformation.

Gail Evans, our director and supply chain specialist, has written our latest white paper to be published off the back of our Digital Transformation event earlier this year. The new paper, "11 steps for successful supply chain transformation" provides a blueprint for public sector organisations to successfully transform their supply chains to meet their strategic goals. While this was written based on the shared experiences of the public sector organisations who attended our event, many of the principles in the paper can also be applied to private sector companies too which have also outsourced many of their operations.

Gail explains “After years of outsourcing, the public sector has lost control of its supply chains, which is hindering its ability to deliver the transformation that it wants. There is nothing wrong with outsourcing, as long as it is done correctly. In this white paper we explain how the public sector can take back control of its supply chains so it can continue to leverage the benefits of outsourcing while driving its own digital transformation agenda.”

Download the white paper here.

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