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Technology Adoption

What we do...

Projects and programmes are often set-up with a focus on the delivery of technology, with success being measured in terms of technology milestones rather than business outcomes. Projects hit their delivery milestones, resources start to stand down, but changes haven’t been fully bedded into the organisation.​

Support starts to thin out, and new processes, ways of working and initial exposure to new tools and technologies lose momentum.


By not driving through the change into business as usual, Organisation’s run the risk of new (and usually expensive) tools and functionality not being fully utilised, efficiencies not fully realised, and potentially the whole change falling short of delivering the full expected return on investment.



Brightman can help with these problems:

Throughout the life of any project or programme, Brightman help organisations drive forward enthusiasm and support for the change. Everyone must understand what is changing, the impact the change has on their work, and the resulting benefits of embracing the change.

When new technology meets the doorstep of business as usual Brightman support the organisation with complete technology adoption, making the change a reality, and ensuring all the expected benefits are achieved.

The key to our success is our ability to immerse ourselves into all levels of the organisational heirachy, maintaining change sponsorship at senior levels, and providing hands on support to business teams on the shop floor.

Find out how Brightman can help you maximise technology adoption.

Brightman focus on ensuring that new technology transitions effectively from project to business as usual, and that the organisation realises all of its expected benefits. We professionally integrate with your teams, to experience the changes first hand, speeding up the resolution of any adoption issues.

Gail Evans

Brightman Director

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