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Brightman helps organisations convert their visions and strategies into tangible on the ground capabilities

 We are a people service

Brightman are a people service. We help organisations manage the most difficult part of any change, the people.


Many organisations think that changing technology automatically changes peoples capability, and attitudes to work, but unless people understand and agree to work differently nothing will change, or worse still, change breaks the business.

Brightman work alongside organisations and technology providers, working with the people affected by change, ensuring they understand the need for change, and are ready and equipped to change.

The Team

Brightman is made up of a hand-picked team of dynamic, enthusiastic and very experienced professionals.

Each member of the team brings their own set of skills and  experiences, 

approachable personality, and enthusiasm for their trade.

As a people service, Brightman knows its success lies in its own people.  We invest in and support our people, to maintain and continuously improve our cutting edge services.

Brightman is a great team to have by your side, and a great team to be part of.

At Brightman we all share the same values.


Our values are what makes our brand, and how we expect our people to operate within our partner and customer organisations.

These core values support us to provide consistent quality and benefit to our customers.

We invest in each other by sharing knowledge


Safe and friendly peer review capability within the team is vital. Our team receive honest and reflective critiques of their work based on others professional experience, and also get the chance to help colleagues with their own knowledge and experience.


Professional autonomy allows us to be adventurous, creative, and innovative


Professional autonomy allows Brightman team members to use their skills and experiences to achieve the desired goals, and introduce new innovative ideas to the team.


Bright ideas can come from anywhere and anyone


Brightman operates at all levels within partners and customers organisations. Our non-hierarchical standing allows us to expose the golden nuggets and be advocates of bright ideas no matter where or whom they come from. Supporting and helping to develop and reward these ideas is key to developing relationships and providing best value.


Build open and honest relationships


High preforming professional relationships require respect, trust and honesty. We will be ourselves, remain grounded and respect the people and communities we encounter.


Display moral courage, challenge with confidence, and be prepared to adapt.


Internal political and commercial sensitivities can sometime blur communications and impact relationships. Wherever possible we will always display moral courage, we will not be afraid to challenge, and we will always be ready and willing to listen to the views of others and adapt our stance as required.


Prove yourself and make a difference


Brightman is made up of people that we believe can make a significant difference for our customers. We empower our people to use their skills, experiences, character and personality to build strong relationships, deliver best value to our customers, and advertise Brightman in a manner that promotes our people and services.

Our Values

Want to join us?

Brightman are always looking for new people to join our expanding team.

If you'd like to find out more about how we work, and what we are looking for, please contact us.

Brightman know its not always your experience that matters most, it's normally you as a person that counts the most.

                                     Find out how to enquire.

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