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Founded in 2011, Brightman helps IT services organisations transform, so they can better enable the goals of the organisations they serve.

We help our clients deliver digital transformation success by ensuring everything and everyone is included in the strategy, destination and journey.


Expertise and experience

We do not do “busy work;” we provide our clients with direction and targeted action to achieve their goals.


Practical, not theoretical

In a sector dominated by those with excellent theory but little practical experience, our consultants stand out as genuine experts.


Change that lasts

As change management specialists, our goal is to enable our clients to succeed without us. Only then can we claim to have achieved lasting change.

The Brightman Digital Lab

Where most Digital Transformations fail, we make sure yours doesn’t. By ensuring that everything and everyone is included in both the destination and the journey, we help you to deliver effective and sustainable change to your organisation.

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The Brightman Digital Lab

Our work

While no two clients are ever the same, we generally work with the IT services organisations of central government agencies or private sector organisations in the delivery of their transformation plans.

Helping government agency shift to a user-centric, cloud-first delivery model

Brightman has been retained by a large government department with a sizeable legacy estate and mission-critical infrastructure to prepare its transition to a user-centric, cloud-first operational model. The customer was finding itself unable to react to its customers’ needs quickly enough. With Brightman’s help, it is developing a richer understanding of what its users need and reshaping its entire operating model to deliver on those needs.

Underpinning digital transformation at HM Land Registry

Brightman has been supporting HM Land Registry on its ambitious journey to digitise all of its services. Through a Digital Transformation Assessment, Brightman helped HM Land Registry determine which data centres it could retire and when, and which services could be moved to the cloud, taking account of existing investments, workloads, security necessities and customer demands.

Establishing a digital foundation for the Green Finance Institute

Brightman engaged in the complete digital set up of the Green Finance Institute’s operations, from HR to finance, strategy, and governance, ensuring the organisation was in the best possible position to complete its mission to accelerate the transition to a clean, resilient, and environmentally sustainable economy.

Service and process improvements for large government organisation

Brightman is working with a large government organisation which is undergoing a programme of operational and IT transformational change. Following on from the initial Discovery work, Brightman analysed where service and process improvements could be made and presented the findings to the CTO and Senior Management Team. Brightman identified the key strategic themes needing to be addressed to ensure an effective service that would achieve maximum benefit.

We can do more than talk the talk

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We have the scars to prove we have done what we say, and we have done so many times before. In a sector dominated by those with excellent theory but little practical experience, our consultants stand out as genuine experts. Since no two situations are ever the same, you need a partner who knows how to apply the theories to every scenario. This is where Brightman stands out.

Gail Evans & Romy Hughes
Gail Evans & Romy Hughes
Gail Evans & Romy Hughes


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