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SMEs hold the key to the digitisation of the public sector

Business Change that makes a Difference

Cloud Adoption - A mindset change not just an ICT change. Find out how Brightman have helped organisations design and implement cloud technology solutions whilst retaining their grip on IT and safeguarding against the potential risks.

The proliferation of Shadow IT within an organisation is often a sign that users are not getting the service they need from in house ICT functions. Brightman can help you control the current situation and deliver the services users need.

Delivering technology can be challenging, but experienced transformation managers will attest to the fact that compared to the people side of change, it is often the easy part.  Technology innovation always directly impacts people, culture and process which require careful management through good Business Change. 

The need for organisational change will always remain a constant, and businesses need to be ready to support it.  Hiring consultancies and eternal support can help, but at the end of the day it is an organisations's internal change network that needs to own and drive the change.  For a change to last it needs to be done by the organisation rather than imposed on the organisation.

Adopting new services and new suppliers into your business can lead to disruption as both customers and suppliers try to adapt to the new environment. Minimise this disruption with effective transition and governance management.

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