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Brightman’s Services: Introducing the Brightman Digital Lab

Introducing the Brightman Digital Lab

Where most Digital Transformations fail, we make sure yours doesn’t. By ensuring that everything and everyone is included in both the destination and the journey, we help you to deliver effective and sustainable change to your organisation.

We believe that transformation cannot be done to you, only by you. We enable our clients to take the lead in transforming themselves so that the changes they make are beneficial, aligned with the organisation’s overall objectives and values, and most of all, permanent.

Our change management services fit into six distinct services to form the Brightman Digital Lab:


Digital Strategy Validation & Roadmap

Most Digital Transformations fail because they ask the wrong questions from the start. We begin our projects with a Digital Maturity Assessment before developing a Continual Service Improvement plan and roadmap.


Digital Transformation Delivery

A Change and Transformation Service which aims to maximise change buy-in and expedite return on investment. We ensure change initiatives are coherently managed, from the first idea or aspiration, through to implementation and more importantly full adoption into everyday operations.


Digital Service Management

Every Transformation Strategy will have a significant Service Management component. We work with you to identify and alleviate potential bottlenecks in your Service Management strategy towards the implementation of your goals.


Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Managing an agile/change management project requires a new approach to procurement and supply chain management where you are continually evaluating and delivering against outcomes. We will help you to adopt a service management model so you can work more strategically with your suppliers.


Digital Skills & Leadership Consultancy

What does the governance of your organisation look like? How are decisions made? Do you know what data your leadership has (or doesn’t have) to make informed decisions? We will work with you to determine the workforce / skillsets required to deliver your objectives.


Programme & Project Management

Our experienced consultants can work with you to project manage your transformation plan through to completion, ensuring your digital outcomes are achieved within the project timescale.

We have the scars to prove we have done what we say, and we have done so many times before. In a sector dominated by those with excellent theory but little practical experience, our consultants stand out as genuine experts. Since no two situations are ever the same, you need a partner who knows how to apply the theories to every scenario. This is where Brightman stands out.

Gail Evans & Romy Hughes
Gail Evans & Romy Hughes
Gail Evans & Romy Hughes


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