A digital transformation checklist

The business case for digital transformation is already well established - paperless and contactless working, greater employee mobility, Big Data analytics, improved customer experience, new collaboration opportunities etc.

With this in mind, what are the building blocks necessary for the public sector to make a successful shift to digital transformation? Here is our digital transformation checklist:

1. Leadership: It is critical to have top level buy-in when embarking on the digital transformation journey. Without this and the ambition to succeed, there is little chance of success.

2. Cultural change and buy-in: I cannot stress this enough; managing the people and the cultural change of transformation is often more difficult than the technology, but it is often left out of the equation or simply an afterthought.

3. Get a programme manager: Simply having the budget is not enough; you need someone to run it.

4. An appetite for risk: While it is an uncomfortable situation to change an unknown quantity, it can still be done if the appetite for risk is there. The correct use of a risk register to manage, understand and even accept the risks involved is a key element of programme management and will help to drive the programme forward.

5. It’s not just about the cloud: Digital transformation could involve a move to the Cloud, but equally, and more likely, there will be a hybrid model, where legacy platforms may stay on premises, some in datacentres and some in the Cloud.

Digital transformation is a change management exercise that should never be run by the IT department – IT is just one piece of the jigsaw, alongside “the business” at large, procurement, commercial, finance, operations, security and legal.

For a more detailed version of this article, visit the full article on Information Age.

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