Do you know your value proposition?

Have you ever stopped to consider the value that your organisation or department offers to its customers, be they internal or external customers? It is very common to simply go through the motions and deliver services without stopping to think about the value of those services. If you work in HR for example, have you stopped to consider the end value of the tasks that you fulfil? It is very eay to focus on the task and not the value.

But why is value important? It is important because understanding the value or outcomes you deliver is critcal to innovation. Ultimately, every task you perform is in advance of a value, whether you think about it or not. But if you consciously consider the value of your tasks then you can look at ways to deliver them more effectively (to deliver more value).

It is this value-conscious approach that is essential to delivering effective digital transformation. Everyone needs to understand their value, because digital transformation starts with understanding your value proposition. What is the role of your department? Only then can you begin to understand the journey you need to go on.

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