SMEs struggle to gain a fair slice of public sector technology contracts

This is a snippet of an article that was first published by IT Pro Portal. To read the full article, visit here.

According to recent statistics from the Federation of Small Businesses, SMEs are still only awarded 19 per cent of public sector technology contracts. This is despite the UK Government introducing many improvements to its technology procurement process to make it more open to all organisations.

In addition to that, while the UN might consider the UK public sector’s digitisation programme to be the best in the world, the barriers that prevent SMEs from fairly participating in the bidding process may actually be preventing some of the best innovations from being realised.

We have addressed this issue head-on in our whitepaper: “Taking the brakes off: How SMEs can be unleashed to drive the rapid digitisation of the public sector” and made recommendations to further improve public sector technology procurement with the aim of giving SMEs a more representative slice of the public sector technology pie.

Read more on IT Pro Portal here.

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