Brightman partners with Crown Campus to bring Digital Transformation Service to the public sector

Brightman, the IT transformation and change management experts, have today announced that their “Service Transition” proposition is available on the newly-launched Crown Campus by Crown Hosting Data Centres.

The Crown Campus, which launched today, is a secure location with established communities of specialist public sector framework service providers, Crown Hosting and public sector organisations. It provides a space for secure knowledge sharing to deliver protected services to help meet government data objectives and reduce overall spend on digital services.

Essentially creating a geographical “hub” of expertise, it brings together the various organisations in one place to offer unrivalled knowledge, security, savings and choice to buyers who do not want to be locked in and want to take advantage of the latest services.

As public-sector organisations embark on their digital transformation journeys, many are choosing to outsource services to cloud providers or build their own private or hybrid clouds on infrastructures such as Crown Hosting Data Centres. While these projects represent significant technical challenges, their impact on the broader organisation is often overlooked. Brightman’s Service Transition proposition focuses on providing a holistic approach to change which takes into account both the technical and non-technical effects of a digital transformation project.

As a launch partner on Crown Campus, Brightman is pre-approved to provide services to Crown Hosting Data Centres’ customers. By working with Crown Campus suppliers, public-sector organisations gain access to all the necessary expertise and services they need to migrate to the cloud in one place, confident that the suppliers have been selected for their in-depth knowledge of Crown Hosting Data Centres’ infrastructure and procurement processes. Ultimately this helps to reduce risk and speed up the deployment of their cloud services. Brightman is also an authorised cloud services supplier on the G-Cloud 10 framework, which further reduces the procurement challenges of working with Brightman.

“The public sector is on a mission to digitise and migrate services to the cloud, but it is important to recognise that digital transformation is not your typical IT project,” comments Romy Hughes, director at Brightman. “Digital transformation affects every part of the organisation, from systems to security, people and even culture. It is a significant undertaking which requires people to change their behaviour to accommodate a new or changed service. From our experience, managing the changes to people and culture are the hardest part of any transition – and are often the parts most overlooked! We are proud to have been selected as one of the first partners to launch on the Crown Campus and look forward to helping more public-sector organisations make a success of their digital transformation projects so they can save money and minimise the disruption to public services.”

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